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Neo4j Introduction

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  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2022
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Neo4j: Neo4j is the most famous database management system and it is also a NoSQL database system. Neo4j is different from Mysql or MongoDB it has its own features that’s makes it special compared to other Database Management System. 

Neo4j structure: Neo4j stores and present the data in the form of graph not in tabular format or not in a Jason format. Here the whole data is represented by nodes and there you can create a relationship between nodes. That means the whole database collection will look like a graph, that’s why it is making it unique from other database management system. MS Access, SQL server all the relational database management system use tables to store or present the data with the help of column and row but Neo4j doesn’t use tables, row or columns like old school style to store or present the data. 

Neo4j Usage: If your Database Management System has so many interconnecting relationships then you can use Neo4j that will be the best choice. Neo4j is highly preferable to store data that contains multiple connections between nodes. This is where the Neo4j(Graph Database) comes in it’s more comfortable to use with relational data than the relational database. Because Neo4j doesn’t require a predefined schema, you just need to load the data here the data is the main structure. It is schema optional Database Management System. There are some unique features that will make you choose Neo4j over any other Database Management System. Neo4j is surrounded by relationships but there is no need to set up primary key or foreign key constraints to any data. Here you can add any relation between any nodes you want. That makes the Neo4j extremely suited for Networking data, below is the list of data areas where you can use this Database Management System.

  • Social network like in Facebook, Twitter or in Instagram
  • Network Diagram
  • Fraud Detection
  • Graph based searched of digital assets
  • Data Management
  • Real-time product recommendation


  1. Representation of connected data is very easy.
  2. Retrieval or traversal or navigation of connected data is very fast.
  3. It uses simple and powerful data model.
  4. It can represent semi-structured data is easy.


  1. OLAP support for these types of databases is not well executed.
  2. In this area, still there are lots of research happening around.
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