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Nearbuy(Groupon) Interview Experience | Set 3 (For Android Developer’)

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  • Hacker Rank round
    • 13 MCQ on java and android
    • Find count of given words in the list of sentences
  • Skype round (interview started late)
    • 2 puzzles
      • 3 jars containing 100 red, 100 yellow and 100 green balls. Maximum probability of choosing a green ball.
      • 1 poisoned bottle and 1000 prisoners
    • Count distinct palindromes in a string. Shared an editor to write code and run on online ide
  • Skype round (interview started late)
    • Intro about me and my current work.
    • Work experience in android.
    • Asked me to tell about the app I am working on and asked me about my role in that and then asked me to explain a specific feature which I implemented.
    • Difference between hash set and hash map. I told the difference and also said that internal implementation of hash set uses hash map to back its implementation which itself uses hash table.
    • Iterator on hash map.
    • Working of iterator in case of multiple threads (fail fast).
    • There are three threads and we want them to run one after the other. How can we do that?
    • Android related stuff like which library I am using for showing images.
    • What other libraries I am using in app.
    • What is the difference between list view and recycler view ( How do u implement click listener on recycler view items. How do u handle different types of views in recycler view (I said using view holder pattern and View type).
    • Difference between single top and single task.
    • He asked me if I am using any custom view in app or not.
    • Last question was a coding question. He shared a link to an editor. One question only. Binary tree is given print level order traversal but starting from bottom. I wrote the code. Then he asked me to print this order from right to left instead of left to right. I did that too.
    • Why I want to leave my current job.
    • Finally he asked me if I had any question. It is always good to ask a question in the end.
  • I was able to answer questions but because of lack of confidence I did not get any call after that. But I would say to clear these interviews you should have deep knowledge of basics of you field of interest.


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Last Updated : 29 Feb, 2016
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