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NCERT Syllabus Class 9 Economics

Last Updated : 09 May, 2023
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Economics is a subtopic of the class 9 Social Science subject. It has 20 marks weightage out of 80 marks. This NCERT Class 9 Economics Syllabus gives you clear and correct information. Economics provides knowledge of the world’s economy. It is a scientific study of Economics.

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Book Name: Understanding Economic Development

Chapter 1: The Story of Village Palampur

The first chapter of economics in the Social Science Curriculum of Class 9 is about “The Story of Village Palampur”. The main idea behind the chapter is to familiarize us with the basic economic concepts through the imaginary story of Palampur village. The concepts of the chapter include Organization of Production, Farming, and Non-Farming Activities in Palampur.

Chapter 2: People As Resource

The second chapter deals with “People As Resource”. The Chapter is an effort for explaining the importance of population as an asset rather than a liability. The main objective is to understand the Demographic concepts, about the economic activities of men and women. quality of population and issues related to unemployment.

Chapter 3: Poverty As a Challenge

The third chapter deals with “Poverty As A Challenge”. The main objective of the chapter is to understand how poverty acts as a challenge, identification of vulnerable groups, about interstate disparities as well as appreciate the initiatives by the government for the alleviation of poverty.

Chapter 4: Food Security in India

The fourth chapter deals with Food Security in India. Food Security is the availability, accessibility, and affordability of food to all people at all times. The chapter helps us to understand the concept of food security, and to appreciate as well as analyze the role of government in ensuring the food supply.

FAQs on NCERT Syllabus Class 9 Economics

Que 1. How many chapters are there in NCERT Economics class 9?

Ans. There are four chapters in economics class 9 :

  • The Story of village palampur
  • People as Resource
  • Poverty as a Challenge
  • Food Security in India

Que 2. What is Buffer Stock?

Ans. A load of food grains is known as buffer stock, secured by the government through the food corporation of India (FCI).  It is used to distribute food grains in shortage areas and among the helpless segments of society at a minimum cost.

Que 3. What is the way to top in Economics class 9?

Ans. To top in Economics class 9, you need to go through all the chapters of economics, and revising them will be the most important process, it helps you to remember the key concepts in the chapters.

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