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Navis Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021
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Role: Associate Software Engineer

Eligibility: Above 7.0 CGPA, CSE/IT students. 

No of Rounds  – 5 

1 Coding round, 2 Technical rounds, 1 Managerial round, and an HR round

Coding Round (08.10.2021): 1 Hour (In Hackerrank) 

10 Aptitude (Mostly from IndiaBix) 

10 Tech MCQ’s (DSA, OOPS)

1 coding question

They Shortlisted 14 candidates

Technical Round 1 (12.10.2021): 1 Hour

  • They asked me to introduce myself
  • Which language do you prefer?
  • What is Encapsulation?
  • What is Inheritance?
  • The disadvantage of inheritance?
  • Why is multiple inheritance not supported in java? How about multiple inheritance in C++?
  • Final Keyword in Java?
  • What is polymorphism? and its types?
  • What is an abstraction class? Difference between encapsulation and abstraction?
  • What is a constructor and its types?
  • Explain copy constructor? Why is it used?
  • What happens when we use ‘new keyword’?
  • Which part of the class will be called first while creating an object?
  • What is a static keyword and what is the use of it?
  • What is indexing in DBMS? How do you do that?
  • Difference between Arraylist and Set? Which is performance-wise best? And Why is that?
  • What is a StackOverflow error? Why does it happen?
  • Given a piece of java code and asked what happened? Will it work or throw an error? 


public Solution
    public static void main(String[] args)
        int x = 5;
        while (x < 10)

Input: “this is a car and this is my new car”
Output: this→ 2, is→ 2, a→ 1, car→ 2, and→ 1, my→ 1, new→ 1

At last, they asked “any questions to us?”

Technical Round 2: 1 Hour

Started with “introduce yourself!!” Two coding questions were given. We have to code in hackerrank’s code pair platform

Question 1:

Question 2:

  • Define SDLC and its phases?
  • Explain the design phase in SDLC?
  • Have you worked with any design toolkit?
  • Real-life examples of Abstraction?
  • How will you explain the abstraction concept to a non-technical person?
  • About Navis?

At last, they asked “any questions for us”

Managerial Round (45 min): Started with “introduce yourself!!”

Asked 3 maths puzzles  

And finally “any questions for me?”

HR Round (30 min):

  • Started with “Introduce yourself”
  • Are you using GitHub?
  • How do you see yourself after 5 years?
  • About your family?
  • Reason for choosing the software field?
  • About your college life?
  • What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

And finally “any questions for me?” 

Tip – Gather information about the company as much as possible from social media to stand out in an HR Round

Results were out the next week… They took two candidates including me!!!

Verdict: Selected

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