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Navis Interview Experience ( Associate Software Engineer) VIT 2020

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20 Mcqs and 1 coding. Platform was Hackerrank. They selected 32 students for the next round. Question –


  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • OOPS Concept- some coding questions like if we have same function in both parent and child class how can we call parent class’s function – using super.
  • Why is multiple inheritance not allowed in java.
  • Java keywords.
  • Code- given 2 strings find if s2 is a substring of the s1.
  • I did using naive method- it ran. Couldn’t optimize further
  • Then asked about projects.
  • Final keyword in java.


  • Very tricky oops coding questions.




  • Why did this happen?
  • Difference between runtime and compile time error with example.
  • What is stackoverflow error? Write a code for it.
  • Java has 2 types of memory what are they? Stack and heap – Their usage.
  • SQL queries.
  • Exception handling- types, use of catch and finally. Write a code
  • Puzzle- u have 5 wheels (4 normal ones and one extra at the back) and 1000 km distance u need to use all of them for same distance in your journey. 
    • Ans- keep changing them every 200 km with a new wheel.

Didn’t qualify for further rounds (They took 3)

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Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2020
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