National Instruments(NI) Interview Experience for Staff Software Engineer

Attended an interview with National Instruments(NI) recently.

Gave 3 coding rounds

Round 1:

Online coding test where 2 questions were asked and the duration was 2 Hrs.

question 1: Given an archer. He would not stop shooting arrows until and unless his average is more that 9. Score for few shots were given and we had to calculate the minimum number of shots he would have to play to get an average of 9.5 or more.

question 2: an array is given in which only 2 numbers can be swapped at a time. how many distinct arrays can be formed by this wat

ex: array[2,3,2,3,3]

result: 7

Round 2:

It was an online interview in which the interviewer gave 2 questions which t=were to be explained and solved

question are as below:

Minimum Number of Platforms Required for a Railway/Bus Station | Set 2 (Map based approach)

Search an element in a sorted and rotated array

Round 3:

I got stuck with one question and could not proceed much

The question was based on preferential voting algorithm

Since I could not solve this question completely I was not taken for further rounds

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