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Namechk – Osint tool for Usernames

  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2021

Namechk is an osint tool that is based on and is used for checking usernames on more than 100 websites, forums, and social networks. What if there is a tool that can tell whether a username you want is available or not on multiple platforms or not. Yes, you read it right, Namechk can do this with ease and relieve you of the work going to individual platforms to check username is available or not.


  • Can be used to search available username.
  • Can be used to search available username on specifics websites.
  • Also can search available username in a list.
  • Can search usernames which are used on specific websites.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • User-friendly.


Step 1: First clone the tool from the GitHub repository. Then change the directory to Namechk.

git clone
cd Namechk

Step 2: Now give executable permission to giving executable permission, run the tool.



To see what options and arguments namechk provides, type the following command.

./ -h


Let’s check whether the username “nkjasdjh” is available or not. For this, we will use -au flag.

./ nkjasdjh -au

Use the -fu flag to see on which platform a username has been used. 

./ tally315 -fu

We can see that username tally315 is found on several websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Use -fu -co flags to check used usernames on specific websites.

./ tally3 -fu -co followed by website name.

We can see that username tally is used on Facebook. Use -au -co flags to check whether a username is available on a specific website.

./ havoc0635 -au -co followed by website name

We can see in the above image that the username havoc0635 isn’t available on Instagram. Use -l -fu flags to search usernames written in a text file whether they are used or not.

Create text file by,

touch user1.txt

Then use any editor like nano etc, to write in the text file and use the cat command followed by a filename to show the contents of the file.

nano user1.txt
cat user1.txt

We can see there are two usernames in the user1.txt file which are mark, tally3. Use the following command to see whether they have been used on any platforms or not.

./ -l -fu followed by filename

We can see that the usernames mentioned in user1.txt are used on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, blogger, etc.

In conclusion, namechk can prove to be a useful tool for not only osint investigators but also for normal people who wish to find out whether a username is available or not on multiple platforms instead of visiting individual platforms and typing in to see it’s available or not, Namechk removes all this stressful work and do the work for you.

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