Name validation using IGNORECASE in Python Regex

In this article, we will learn about how to use Python Regex to validate name using IGNORECASE.

re.IGNORECASE : This flag allows for case-insensitive matching of the Regular Expression with the given string i.e. expressions like [A-Z] will match lowercase letters, too. Generally, It’s passed as an optional argument to re.compile().

Let’s consider an example of a form where the user is asked to enter their name and we have to validate it using RegEx. The format for entering name is as follow:

  • Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. (Either one) followed by a single space
  • First Name, followed by a single space
  • Middle Name(optional), followed by a single space
  • Last Name(optional)


Input : Mr. Albus Severus Potter 
Output : Valid

Input : Lily and Mr. Harry Potter
Output : Invalid

Note : Since, we are using IGNORECASE flag, the first character of First, Second, and Last name may or may not be capital.

Below is the Python code –





# Python program to validate name using IGNORECASE in RegEx
# Importing re package
import re
def validating_name(name):
    # RegexObject = re.compile( Regular expression, flag )
    # Compiles a regular expression pattern into a regular expression object
    regex_name = re.compile(r'^(Mr\.|Mrs\.|Ms\.) ([a-z]+)( [a-z]+)*( [a-z]+)*$'
    # RegexObject is matched with the desired 
    # string using search function
    # In case a match is found, search() returns
    # MatchObject Instance
    # If match is not found, it return None
    res =
    # If match is found, the string is valid
    if res: print("Valid")
    # If match is not found, string is invalid
    else: print("Invalid")
# Driver Code
validating_name('Mr. Albus Severus Potter')
validating_name('Lily and Mr. Harry Potter')
validating_name('Mr. Cedric')
validating_name('Mr. sirius black')



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