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Nagarro(Gurgaon) Interview Experience for 2020 batch

Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2019
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So, its a pool drive of NAGARRO..

First round of Nagarro drive conducted in campus, it was an online test of 1 hr where 2 sections are there: technical section and quantitative section

In technical section, questions from time complexity of merge sort and quick sort are there, tree traversal(inorder, preorder, postorder), time complexity of code given and simple questions related to basic concepts of DS.

In quantitative section, question on geometry, mensuration, speed of train are there and some reasoning questions are also there

Out of 250 students 49 got selected and i was one of them.

Second Round conducted in Nagarro office where first Pen Paper coding round is conducted which consist of 3 coding question:

Questions are:-

  1. a string is given and user have to evaluate the string using BODMAS rule

input:-  1*10+5       
output:- 15         

input:- 10+5+15*2+20
output:-  65

2.  check whether binary representation of a integer no is palindrome or not

3. Transpose of a matrix

students have to solve these problems in least complexity time as much as they can…

after 2 hrs result will be out and 16 students got selected in this coding pen paper round and proceed to technical interview process further

Interview Round:- Interviewer started with the introduction first and then ask about your projects and then discuss the coding question that you solved in pen paper coding round

After the discussion on coding question, questions on tree DS, strings, arrays etc. asked

questions asked were like height of the tree, diameter of the tree, count the most frequent element in array using Hashmap and so on

Result of this round gets out with in 10-15 mins after all interview gets over

9 students including me got selected and proceed further for HR round

HR Round:- In this round Hr asked about yourself, what projects have you done during your, Why Nagarro, where you will see yourself in 5 years from now and some basic HR questions of this round asked by the HR.

With in 3-4 days result was out and 6 students got selected for the Nagarro drive(4 FTE and 2 trainee), i was selected for the FTE(Full time Employee) and it was really a good experience…

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