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Nagarro Interview Questions October 2018

  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2018

Round 1: Coding Round on an online compiler similar to hacker rank.There are were three problems to be solved.
1. A message is encrypted by replacing every character with the character which is 3 positions to its right. Write the logic to decrypt the message. Assume that all the characters in the message are in lower case. [For Eg, a->d, b->e…..z->c]
2. Find the majority element of an array which occurs more than n/2 times where n is the length of the array.
3. Find the nth prime number.[Prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11…. if n=1 then 2 should be the output, if n=5 then 11]

Round 2: Face to face technical round.

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Round 3: Multiple choice question test for 60 min.

Round 4: HR discussion

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