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Nagarro Interview Experience(On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2020

Round 1(Online Test): It was MCQ test conducted on mettl. It consists of two parts 15 DSA / C++ MCQs and 25 MCQa of aptitude.

This was for 60 mins. The DSA section consists of the programming logic and space and time complexity. Property of graph and tree traversals and algorithms. It can be practiced on GeeksforGeeks.

The aptitude part majorly asks questions on geometry involving angles, similarity, quadratic equations roots, property on algebra. The cutoff was 12 for DSA out of 15 .17-18 out of 25 for aptitude.

The next was 3 coding questions 75 min:

  1. Program to find the Nth Prime Number
  2. Count Derangements (Permutation such that no element appears in its original position)
  3. Remove all occurrences of a character in a string

I submitted all 3 questions passing all test cases.

Round2(Technical Interview): It was conducted on the Microsoft Teams. We were asked questions on oops. How the base class method overrides derived class methods. Then object creation, abstract class Vs interface. Then java questions what is string builder and how it is mutable. What are threads and memory management topics like garbage collectors and heap? Then malloc vs calloc in c. then the complexities of simultaneous loops 


for(int i=1,int j=0; i*i<=n && j<=n ;j=j*2 ,i++)
for(int i=1,int j=1; i*i<=n && j<=n ;j=j*2 ,i++)   

Then we have to share the screen and code on a notepad or use The questions were to determine whether a link is palindromic or not.

  1. Function to check if a singly linked list is palindrome
  2. Print 1->2->3->Null as 321123. And explain recursion complexity and recurrence relations. Then questions on string minimum arrangements or swaps to make string palindromic
  3. Count minimum swap to make string palindrome
  4. Check if characters of a given string can be rearranged to form a palindrome

Round 3(HR Interview): 

  1. Explain your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Why do u want to join nagarro.
  3. How many rejections have u faced before?
  4. Being from ECE why u wanted a job in its sector.
  5. Comfortable with shifts and relocation.
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