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Nagarro Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2018

I applied for Nagarro for Software Developer profile through college.

Round 1: Online MCQ

Around 100 students appeared for the test across B.Tech CSE/IT/ECE and MCA. The test was conducted on Mettle platform. It consisted of 2 sections, Technical MCQs which were based on complexities, data structures, etc and Aptitude MCQs. There was +4, -1 marking scheme for each question.

Round 2: Pen & Paper Coding Round

21 students were selected for this round and invited to the Gurgaon Office. 3 questions were given to be completed in 75 minutes. The questions were:

For this I gave the recursive solution. Complexity was 2^n.

2. Given a string, find out the words that have length even and greater than equal to 4 (e.g. 4, 6, 8, …) and split such words from the middle and output the string.
e.g. Given String : “Hello I am Mike Saunders”
Output: “Hello I am Mi ke Saun ders”
I checked the condition while traversing the given string and accordingly allocated the characters to a new result string. And finally output the result string.

The question is a modified version of this question:
I had earlier done the combination sum question so I modified it to bring out the right solution for the modified version. I used backtracking for this solution.

Round 3: Technical Interview

9 students were shortlisted for this round. Every candidate was asked to explain their written codes and come up with a better complexity version. For the first question, I had an idea that it could be solved using Dynamic Programming. So, I first explained the recursive solution and then started with the optimised approach. He made me write the code for this question but was more interested in the approach and how clear was I with the logic. He questioned me about bottom-up and top down approach. Why did you think it could be solved using dynamic programming.
He pointed out a minimal error in the second code and moved ahead to the third code. He made my dry run the whole question step by step while referring to each line of my code. He seemed satisfied with my solution.
Then he asked me about my projects, my areas of interest and some DBMS concepts. And few basic questions on data structures:
Find the middle element of the linked list.
Function to get the minimum element of the stack at any point of time in O(1).

Round 4: HR Interview

Only I was shortlisted for this round. I was asked to fill the employment detail form and a questionnaire having personality based questions. The interview started with tell me about yourself. Other questions were:
Why Nagarro?
Are you on any online coding platforms? Any achievement as of now?
How many rejections and why?
Describe events when you showcased leadership and organizing skills.
It was a 10-15 minutes interview and I was selected after this round.

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