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Nagarro Interview Experience | Set 9

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First Round

IQ Test

12 mins 50 Ques (Very Basic IQ questions) (No negative marking)
It was just meant to test the candidate’s presence of mind, and decision making skills. Basic Mental Maths Questions. To pass this round, attempt atleast 35 questions, the trick is not to stuck on any question and skip it if you think its not solvable under 30 sec time bracket
Note: If u can attempt around min. 28 questions correctly (depending upon how many have you read atleast 35-40 ques.), that means u are through with this round.

Case Study Round

1st Case Study: Prepare Response Document for an RFP, Keeping in mind Scope of Work and your Strengths.

2nd Case study: Convert user requirement into functional doc.

  • Requirement Understanding
  • Assumptions for creating a solution for customer
  • a wireframe
  • a use case or user story

Second Round

Face to Face Discussion

Engagement Consultant cum Director

It started with intro about myself, with some question related to technical concepts. 2 question was about an RFP, which needed to be converted into modules (System Integration of Functions as one) + Documentation. 3rd question was about how would I carry a requirement gathering workshop (one-to-one) basis. then a brief description about the role I have applied for along with what role I would like to be choosing.

only suggestion remain truthful

Domain Director

Again started with my existing experience and trying to find out if I would be a good fit in terms of how long I am willing to stay with the company. here your CV will help if you have stayed atleast with 1 company for 3 years or more, otherwise very difficult to convince them.

Third Round
Interaction with Director

Skype round with Director
Again started with about myself (short brief) and why this position, why haven’t you applied for this role anywhere else and why now. Drilling deep into current experience and finding a platform of common skills for current position.

One suggestion call everybody by first name and can add Sir/Madam after that. Secondly while discussing about customer always use He/She together.
All the interviewer were extremely friendly and encouraging. It was more about expressing yourself freely, as it had a lasting impact. As for creating a lie you would need to think a lot.
That’s All & Best Of Luck.


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Last Updated : 24 Apr, 2017
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