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Nagarro Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus)

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Nagarro come to my campus for written test. Interview process conduct in Gurgaon office. 

Round 1: 
3 written test in college campus. 
a.) Aptitude Round (R.S. Agrawal) (30 question, 40 minute). 
b.) Technical Aptitude (Most from the C language Easy question) (20 question, 20 minute). 
c.) 3 coding question written on paper. (In 75 Minute) 
1.) string panagram or not. (means all alphabet are present or not in the string) 
2.) Find sqare sub matrix of size N from the given sqare matrix of size M whose sum of 
element is maximum. 
3.) sort the array element based on Dictionary. 
Input :- 10,20,30,100,200,300. 
output :- 10,100,20,200,30,300. 

Round 2: 
coding written round in Nagarro Gurgaon office. 
There are 3 coding question written on paper in 75 minute. 
1.) A matrix is given, Rotate a sub matrix at 90 degree of given size. 
2.) A string is given(paragraph type), count the frequency of each word in string and print it. 
3.) Given 2 sorted array and a number N, find 2 numbers whose sum is closet to given number N. 

Round 3: Technical Interview 
Explain your written code of previous round. If any error,find it,correct it. If your code is not 
optimize and not space efficient then Give optimize & efficient solution of your written code. 
Interviewer is very friendly, he only check your explanation process or optimization techniques. 
After the written code explanation, he ask 2 coding question:- 
1.) Merge an array of size n into another array of size m+n 
2.) Given a text string and a sample string. Find if the characters of the sample string is in the same 
order in the text string. 
TextString: abcnjhgahgjhfhaljhrkhgrbhjbevfho 
Sample string: nagarro 

Round 4: HR Interview 
1.) Tell me about yourself. 
2.) your NIMCET rank. 
3.) Do you know any senior or any person, which are currently working in Nagarro.4.) Strength & Weakness. 
5.) About current rejection and why? 
6.) your favourite language. (prefer in coding) 
7.) Which type of coding plateform you prefer? 
8.) what are your rank in codechef, hackerrank and geeksforgeeks. Which platform you prefer for 
coding and why ? 
9.) Right now, are you working with which technology ? 
(Technologies that you have worked on) 
10.) Tell me about your project. Which tecnology are used in your project? 
(My project related to android application, so some basic question also ask from android & java). 
11.) Tell me something about Nagarro. 
12.) why do you want to join this company? 
13.)where do I rank myself in programming among my batch mates and where do I rank myself in 
academics among my batch mates? 
14.) Are you Extrovert or Introvert ? 

1.) Attempt all the coding question in written round. If you don’t know efficient solution try brute 
force apporch.(if you don’t attempt anyone, may be you will reject so try to attempt all the 
2.) Be confident every time during interview. 

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Last Updated : 29 May, 2021
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