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Nagarro Interview Experience | Set 7 (For 2 Years Experienced)

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The interview was for Software Engineer post – C++ for around 2 years experienced.

First Round

IQ Test – 12 mins 50 Ques (Very Basic IQ questions) (includes negative marking)
It was just meant to test the candidate’s presence of mind, and decision making skills.
To crack this round, its not important to attempt all the ques, the trick is to attempt as many ques correctly as u can without wasting even anytime on any ques.
If u can attempt around 30-35 ques correctly, that means u are through with this round.
Online Coding Round – 3 coding ques to be done in 75 mins on HackerRank site.
Average Difficulty Level
1 Qs – Given an unsorted list of repeated elements in an array, Find the element with maximum frequency.
2 Qs- Given a string containing characters and brackets, find if the brackets are paired in the string.
3 Qs- (Little Tricky) Given a set of integers, find the third maximum sum of two elements from the set.
For ex – Array -> 3,6,2,7,8,19,13,5
Max Sum of two elements is – 19 + 13 = 32 , So u need to find the third maximum sum.

Second Round

Face to Face Discussion

It was a general discussion round, Interviewer was very friendly.
The interviewer went through my complete resume, and asked me ques on every thing that was mentioned in the resume.
He discussed my current project in my company thoroughly, asked me a lot of questions on it.
Since i mentioned design patterns while discussing my current project, so he asked about the same briefly.
Then he started discussion on data structures like ( Trees, BST, Binary Trees, AVL trees, Real time applications of Stacks and Queues, Hashing (Problems with hashing like Collision, how to handle collision problem efficiently).
It went on for like 1 – 1:30 hr.

Third Round

After waiting for a few days, I got a call from the HR to schedule a telephonic interview round with the Project Manager.

Telephonic Discussion with Project Manager

General Ques about me, my work, my current project.
Then he started asking questions on OOPs concepts and C++, He asked me questions about in and out of C++ like Polymorphism, Virtual Functions, Vtable, Vptrs,
How Vptrs work internally, how does compiler handle its functionality ?
Runtime polymorphism, Constructors, Copy Constructors, why is object’s reference passed to the copy constructor instead of the object itself ?
Dangling Pointers, Difference between Structures and classes, types of casting, difference between run time and compile time, how does it affect the program .
Some basic questions on Linux commands, scripting.
a few basic questions on Linked Lists, Circular Linked Lists. (Find middle element efficiently)
The interviewer was very friendly and encouraging.
That’s All

Thanks geeksforgeeks for helping me prepare for the interviews, you guys are awesome . 🙂

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Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2016
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