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Nagarro Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2021

Recruitment Process: Nagarro came to our campus on 18 OCT 2021 for recruitment offering 2 positions SD and CSD. For that we have to go through 1 Aptitude Round of 60min  and 2 coding round 1st round for SD 3 que with medium difficulty & other with 2 DP questions for CSD.

  1. Cheat Ways – Given the seating arrangement and numbers of first benchers, your task is to find longest cheat way possible.
  2. Planning the street
  3. Escape from Jail

Then out of 700 student around 150 students get selected for interview round.

Technical Interview: I entered the meeting. Interviewer told me the process for the interview and ask me my name and college name.

  1. Reverse a string like Sachin Tendulkar to Tendulkar Sachin. time complexity and space complexity.
  2. Given a random string you have to think an algorithm it can return the sting can be rearrange to became palindrome or not. 
  3. What is Hashmap? and the time complexity.
  4. What is Collisions in the HashMap?
  5. If you are creating a Facebook Dummy which data structure will you use?
  6. If you are creating Ludo which Data Structure will you use?

TR over after this. Next day I got a mail for HR Round.

HR Round: It was for 7 min max.

  • Asked my Name.
  • My college.
  • What do I know about Nagarro.
  • Why do I want to be in Nagarro.
  • Any Question.

and it ended.

After 2 weeks 23 Nov 2021, I got mail from college I got selected only 1 person from my college get selected in Nagarro. And after 17 days on 10 Dec 2021 I got the LOI Letter. It was a beautiful onboard process. Hope You got some of your answers. 

All the best.

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