Nagarro Interview Experience Off-campus

Round 1: Online Test

The test was conducted on Mettle platform. It consisted of 2 sections, Technical MCQs which were based on complexities, data structures, etc and Aptitude MCQs. You are allowed to switch between the sections.Technical MCQs are not that difficult and are of easy to moderate difficulty. Mostly are of easy difficulty. There was +4, -1 marking scheme for each question.

Round 2: Pen-Paper Coding Round at Nagarro Office, Gurugram

We were called at Nagarro office at 9:00 am, test begins around 10 am. Three questions were there . All are of easy difficulty. You are allowed to write the code in any language or even the pseudo code.

Q1 : Three sorted arrays are given of unequal length . You need to find the middle element when all the three arrays are merged into single array in a sorted manner, But the main point is you are not allowed to use any extra space or in short you are not allowed to merge the three arrays. Also it is given that all the arrays have distinct elements(No common element were there in the three arrays).

Q2: Two arrays are given . Second array is exactly similar as the first one, except one additional  element . We need to find that additional element.

like the one shown here but the arrays are not sorted:

Either subtract the sum of 1st array from the sum of 2nd array or xor all the elements of both the arrays with each other.

Q3: A statement is given, which consist of words, you need to find the words which occurs the most.

eg: Input :  How do you do ?

Output : do (2 occurrences)

Round 3: Technical Interview

Maximum questions were from resume, about my projects . Initial around 5-10 mins include “Tell me about yourself” and discussion about my projects. Then he starts checking out my solutions of pen paper coding round and points out silly mistakes like the function or argument names may be he is not able to find any other error in the code. We also analyse the solutions. Then he asked some Java basic questions since my primary coding language is Core Java. Qs include how the JVM works, difference between SQL and No-SQL database, Why Firebase ?(based on my projects).

There is also HR round after this round but I was not shortlisted for the same.

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