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Nagarro Interview Experience (Joint Campus Placement Drive Batch 2021)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2021
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I participated in Nagarro Joint campus placement drive in the month of October.

There were around 500+ students who participated in this drive.

Nagarro drive consists of 4 rounds [Aptitude + Coding Round + Technical Round + HR]

Round 1 (Aptitude Online Test): It was MCQ test conducted on mettl. It consists of two parts 15 DSA / C++ MCQs and 25 MCQs of aptitude and around 200 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2 (Coding Test): Again this was conducted on mettl with 3 coding questions.

The difficulty level of questions ranged from easy to medium,

  1. Cut m and n letters from the end of the string, then find the number of turns to get back the original string
  2. LIS – Longest Increasing Subsequence [Dynamic programming](
  3. Sum of squares of first n natural numbers(

Round 3 (Technical Interview): For this round, 42 students were shortlisted and were divided into batch 1 &  batch 2, I was in batch 1and the duration of my interview was just 15mins. 

The interviewer asked me questions regarding the coding test:

  • For the second question (LiS) he asked me to explain the approach and diff btw Top-Down & Bottom-Up Approach
  •  He gave me another question to solve that was to find the kth smallest and largest element in the array
  •  Asked me to explain oops concept such as Encapsulation, Abstraction
  •  What is Garbage Collector and how one can invoke it?

I told him about GC, and it’s working along with its methods, and also told him that we can only request for GC as it depends on JVM when will the GC be called, and he was happy with my answer.

  • Asked me about my projects and what was my role in them.
  •  What is ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and it’s working?
  •  What is Microsoft Server Architecture?

Round 4 (HR):

On the same day after 30 mins of the TR, I got a call from HR that they are going to schedule my HR interview and later I got the mail that my interview is scheduled with timings.HR Interview begins with 

  • Tell me something about yourself
  •  What certifications you have done
  •  Are you active on any Coding Platforms such as hacker-rank etc? 
  •  What do you know about Nagarro
  •  Why do u want to work with us?
  •  Do want to work from home?
  •  How early you can join
  •  Do you want to ask something? 

With this, he was done with my interview and asked me to wait for the results.

The next day our university published the results for batch 1, out of 21 students only 6 students were selected, I got the full time and the other 5 got internships.

Later, all selected students were contacted by Nagarro and they asked us to sit for a technology test which again consisted of 3 coding questions as Nagarro through this decides the training technology (.net or Java) of an individual.

The level of coding questions was medium to hard, for java one has to solve at least 2 questions 

as I was able to solve around 2.5/3 (For the last questions only 50% of test cases were passed) and I got java.

  • Given a series of Number, Find which wether the series is in GP, AP or Fibonacci
  • The Longest Common Subsequence [DP](
  • Christmas Eve problem:dynamic-programming

Phew!! It was a long process and took around 2 months 

My Advice: Practice problem-solving and learn DSA on a regular interval and try to improve your problem-solving approach 

I took the GeeksforGeeks Self Paced DSA course and a lot of these programming questions were already discussed in that course

So, it was easy for me to crack these questions.

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