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Nagarro Interview Experience for Xamarin Developer | 3 Years Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2019

Round 1:IQ Round (There are 50 question  in 12 Minute)

Round 2: Coding Round (3 question 90 minute)

Question 1- String are given need to convert it into JavaVaribale and vice-versa

Example- if given string are:  this_is_variable

Output- thisIsVariable (need to replace _ with empty and next character to _  need to be Capital letter)

Example – if given string are:  thisIsVariable.

Output:  this_is_variable (if java variable are given before capital character need to add _ (underscore) and capital character will be small).

Question 2 – Find Majority Element in Given array

Write a function which takes an array and prints the majority element (if it exists), otherwise prints “No Majority Element”. A majority element in an array A[] of size n is an element that appears more than n/2 times (and hence there is at most one such element).

Question -3 Find character frequency in alphabetical order.

Given string is- “geekforgeeks”

Output – e4 f1 g2 k2 01 r1 s1.

Round 3: Face2Face

This round started with Tell me about yourself.

Technical Questions Related to Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS.


Round 4: Face2Face

In this round all question are R&D levels questions


I was out from 4th round.

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