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Nagarro Interview Experience for Trainee Technology (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
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I’m working in Nagarro as an Associate Engineer. I applied to Nagarro off-campus on Jan 2021. Each round was an elimination round. 

Round 1(Aptitude + Technical MCQ’s):

  • It was an MCQ test conducted on mettl. The questions were of a moderate level. It consists of 25 MCQs of aptitude and 15 Data Structure and Algorithm questions.  It was an online test of 1 hr. Yes, there was negative marking. so be prepared you will get previous questions online.
  • In the quantitative section, questions on geometry, mensuration, speed of train are there, and some reasoning questions.
  • The technical questions from DSA basically from time complexity,  sorting, searching,  tree traversal.
  • After 1-5 hrs you have to attend Round 2.

Round 2(Coding Round): Coding round is totally based on coding. There are so many choices in language. It was for 1 hr. There were 3 questions one was of basic level and two were of moderate level. I had solved two questions correctly.

  • The question was: Longest Increasing Subsequence, Sum of squares of first n natural, Cut m and n letters from the end of the string, then find the number of turns to get back the original string.
  • All the questions are solved by GfG.
  • You can find many previous year’s questions online.

Round 3(Interview): Within a week you will get the interview link. 

  • Actually, It will depend on your performance they will take only one interview or two interviews(Technical/hr).
  • Be prepared with all the coding questions asked in the previous round with their optimization because they will ask you to solve the problem by sharing the screen. 
  • They also ask program logic. 
  • Both technical, as well as HR questions, will be asked. 

Be confident.

Nagarro will complete their whole process in 2-3 weeks only.

Thank you.

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