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Nagarro Interview Experience for SDE Java Developer (3 Years Experienced)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Feb, 2021

Hi, I got a call from Nagarro for the role of Software Developer in Java. On talking to HR it seemed that they are interested in Java Dev with good knowledge of Spring/HIbernate, Microservices, REST APIs. I cleared the first 2 rounds of the process

Round 1: 50 IQ questions to be done in 12 minutes. Questions are very easy, and you have to attempt max, not all. Questions include basic English synonyms/antonyms, the sequence of numbers, addition and subtraction, Work Time, etc. No need to prepare for this round as it is fairly simple. I attempted 30 out of 50 questions and cleared the round.

Round 2: 3 coding questions in 75 mins. They used the tool for skill assessment, a face camera and mic were needed. On-call HR told me that my aim should be to pass as many test cases as I can. 

  1. Given an array of integers, our task is to write a program that efficiently finds the second largest element present in the array. ( Note: They had timed test cases, so if you try to write a brute-force solution then those test cases will fail.
  2. Count Possible Decodings of a given Digit Sequence  ( 
  3. Given a number n find the number of pairs (x,y) where both x and y are less than n and highest common factor (hcf) of x and y is 1

I was able to clear Round 2  as well by answering the first one correctly and the second question was passing just 3/8 test cases. In the further round, they will be looking for knowledge of Spring and Hibernate, which I am not well versed with but will keep you posted.

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