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Nagarro Interview Experience for Freshers

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  • Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2020

Nagarro campus Hiring is done in 3 steps for Freshers. We applied through our university website for the same. The first round was a multiple-choice question round consisting of 100 questions. There were questions about data structures and aptitude. Data structure questions were mainly previous year GATE questions. Practicing gate questions and having a good command over data structures would be very beneficial.

After completing the 1st round, I got a mail for 2nd round which was a coding round. Consisting of 3 coding questions as follows:

  1. To find out the longest increasing subsequence
  2. Based on string Manipulation(I don’t remember the exact question)
  3. Find out a square of a number and add it to the previous number till the required digit.

The questions were of moderate level, practicing some problem-solving questions, and having a basic knowledge of dynamic programming would help a lot. According to my observation, all those who solved all 3 questions got the interview mail including me. The interview was conducted by slot wisely.

On 1st November 2020, I got the mail from Nagarro that my interview is scheduled for 3rd November on Microsoft Teams, it was a virtual interview. The questions asked me in an interview were as follows:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. The interviewer had a set of questions with him, he shared his screen and asked me to solve the problem, the problem was based on a matrix.
  3. Then he asked me to optimize my approach?
  4. Discussed the questions of the coding round and asked for a more optimized approach to solve those problems.
  5. Asked me to write a code by sharing my screen the problem was related to finding the nearest perfect square number.

Eg: He gave me the number 55 and asked me to find the nearest perfect square number like 49 and 64 are perfect square numbers near 55 and the answer should be 49 as it is closest to it.

After this the interviewer asked me to stay on the panel, then within 2 minutes someone from their team joined the session and told me I am qualified for the HR round which would be scheduled in some time. After 20 minutes I got a link for the HR interview round. This round was again on Microsoft Teams. The interviewer was very friendly and asked me basic questions like are you willing to relocate, what do you know about Nagarro, where do you see yourself after 5 years, why do you want to join Nagarro. This round was for about 6 minutes.

After 4 days I got a message from my college placement office, that I am selected for Nagarro as Trainee-Software Engineer.

Hope this would help, All the best to everyone!!

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