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Nagarro Interview Experience for Associate Engineer Trainee | On-Campus 2022

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It is an on-campus drive. Nagarro has come to our university for the position of software developer I applied to it. I reached the technical round but don’t get the offer SDE but for associate engineer trainee.

 It conducts mainly 3-4 rounds as: 

  1. Aptitude + Technical Mcq Test on Mettl Platform
  2. Coding Round on Mettl Platform
  3. Technical Interview on Teams
  4. HR  Round (maybe on Teams)

Round 1(MCQ Based Aptitude + Technical Test): Aptitude questions mainly consist of Quant + Technical questions from Data Structure and Algorithms.

  • There will be (25 + 15)MCQ  to be solved in 60 minutes on the Mettl platform.
  • Easy to medium difficulty.
  • I mainly do all aptitude practice on

Round 2(Coding Round): There are 5 questions that mainly depend on graphs and trees.

  • Three of them are of the medium level while Two are of the hard level.
  • I don’t remember any question as it is not a common  DSA question.
  • I do only 2 of them.

Round 3(Technical Round): It occurs on Teams, there was only one interviewer, he ask me to write solutions to questions that he asked by sharing my screen

I do DSA from DSA placed Course from GFG(Best DSA course Ever)

I don’t get any mail regarding next round but after 1 month got offer letter for an Associate engineer Trainee

Verdict: Selected

I will join from last of January 2022. Wish me luck with a new start.

All the best and best of luck everyone.

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2023
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