Nagarro bootcamp selection round experience

Alright so this article is about my Nagarro bootcamp selection rounds experience.I am in third year and today I gave the round 2.
This year paper pattern of Nagarro totally changed and yeah, It was online.

It was Quant+Reasoning+C language MCQ’s.It was a total of 60 ques in 60 min.
30 ques were Quant+Reasoning(Section 1) and 30 were C mcq questions.(Section 2).It wasn’t like we had to complete section 1 in 30 min and section 2 in the next 30 min.we can give as much time as we want to a question.
(Most of the students wasted 40 to 45 min on section 1.So take care of it.)
difficulty level of quant and reasoning was average.
major topics:

  1. Work and time(3 to 4 ques)
  2. Geometry(3 to 4 ques)
  3. Coding Decoding(3 to 4 ques)
  4. Data interpretation(1 para ques)
  5. sitting arrangement(1 para ques)
  6. Blood  relation(1 para ques)
  7. Direction(1 para ques)
  8. Trigonometry(1-2 ques)
  9. Series(1 ques)
  10. Time speed Distance(1 to 2 ques)
  11. Ratio, Average, Mixture, Alligation(2 to 4 ques)
  12. Partnership(1 ques)
  13. Profit, loss, discount( 3 to 4 ques)

“Note that test had different sets.So above topics are not related to one particular set..!”

C mcq questions were also of average difficulty.
Major topics were:

  1. Loops
  2. static variables
  3. Arrays
  4. Increment/Decrement operator
  5. if-else

Cutoff was not revealed by the company. They just gave a list of names that are selected for round 2 and luckily my name was also on it.. 🙂

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In this round we were gives 3 questions that we had to solve in 75 min.It was subjective round, so we were supposed to write the code on paper.
(Not in exact wording)
Ques 1: You are given array in which you have predicted conversion rates for dollar to rupee conversion of a month.You are going to visit USA for a week.print the start and end date of your trip so that your trip is most profitable.Every morning you have 10, 000 rs to exchange.

Ques 2: You are given a String array of songs of length n.You have to made n iterations over this array and play a song randomly.In these n iterations you have to  play all of the n songs. (i.e once a song is played, you can’t play it again).solve it in o(n) time complexity.

Ques 3: You are given a xml string.You need to return boolean if it’s a valid xml string and false, if not.

  • every open tag should have a close tag
  • tags are case sensitive
  • nesting should be proper
  • attributes, if any should not be empty

So as always questions were from arrays and strings. Prepare these two topics properly.
for reasoning, quant and c (round 1), do questions from IndiaBix and geeksForgeeks.
for round 2, regularly do ques from gfg.

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