Nagarro BootCamp Experience

Okay! So this article i am writing is to share my Nagarro Bootcamp experience. I am currently a third year undergraduate student. Today, i gave my Round 1 and Round 2 which were held in my college itself.

Round 1: So this is properly MCQ based round which consists of 60 questions which are divided into two broad categories-

Section I – Aptitude Test

Section II – C programming based Test

The two sections above consists of 30 questions each. Both the sections are of MODERATE difficulty level. The aptitude test consists of the questions on- Blood Relations, Quadratic Equations, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP and GP Series and various other real life based questions.

Whereas the second section was entirely based on C programming, the majority number of questions were based on predicting the output. These questions can be done easily with a little practice of similar type of questions from IndiaBix.

The most challenging part what i feel in round 1 was Time Management. As, the time given to solve both the sections was 60 minutes which means you have only 1 minute for 1 question. This is somewhere sufficient for solving questions of section 2 but as section 1 consists of aptitude based questions therefore it is highly time consuming. Also, keeping in mind that the result of Round 1 is not on the basis of how much you got in individual sections thus I recommend to attempt section 2 first as it will help you to manage your time properly and thereby scoring good marks.

Round 2: Following the above guidelines i successfully cleared the Round 1, and almost one hour after the result declaration the round 2 took place. The round 2 was pen- paper based coding based round. It took place for 75 minutes in which we were given three questions to solve-

Question 1 – Given a singly linked list, print its reverse in O(n) time.

Question 2 – Given two array A[] and B[] which were having almost same elements. Only two elements in array b[] are different from array A[]. In minimum space and time complexity you have to print these two elements of array B[] which are not present in array A[].

Question 3 – Given two strings and you have print “True” if the 50% or more of the two strings are same else print “False”.

As it can be seen all the above questions belong to basic Data Structures thus this round can be simply cleared by practicing questions from GeeksForGeeks. I would love to say that i have already done these types of questions on GeeksForGeeks.

So, this was all my experience about the Nagarro Bootcamp. All the best to you.

Happy Coding 😉


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