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Nagarro bootcamp experience 2019
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2019

This article is about nagarro bootcamp .

Round 1: This year nagarro bootcamp pattern was completely changed from previous years .This year we had 60 questions in 60 minutes


Section2:C mcq’s
The level of aptitude was moderately difficult whereas C MCQs were pretty easy.The test was taken on online METTLE platform.

The major topics which was seen this year was

1.coding decoding(3questions)


3.permutations and combinations

4.Time and work(2-3 questions)

5.Time speed and distance

6.Blood relations

7.Height and distances

8.Sitting Arrangements

9.mixture and allegations.

10.Ratios and proportions

11.Profit loss and Discount

And in C mcq questions the major topics were


2.static variables

3.switch and enum

4.Arrays, if else


6.Increment and Decrement operators.



After the online test the selected students are invited for the Round 2 and surprisingly my name was in the list .

Round 2: In this round from our campus 60 students are selected from 400 students.This round was pen paper based coding round we are provided with three questions and we have to provide the solutions in any programming language.The total time was 75 minutes.
You can also write pseudo code for that problem .You have to write only logic .The questions were:

1. We have to reverse a linked list in O(n) complexity without using any extra space.

2. We have to find a substring in a String whose length is greater than n/2.This question was illustrated as DNA problem.

3. This question was pretty good one we have to solve this question in minimum time and space complexity.The question is :

Given two array A[] and B[] which were having almost same elements. Only two elements in array b[] are different from array A[]. In minimum space and time complexity you have to print these two elements of array B[] which are not present in array A[].

The results are going to declared very soon Hoping for the best .best of luck to you all and practice all this topics from geeks for geeks .The sudo placement 2 course of gfg is just awesome .

Refer these:

Complete course for placements:

C MCQ for cracking any company Exam:

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