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N4xD0rk – Listing Subdomains About A Main Domain

  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2021

As a Security Researcher or a Bug Bounty Hunter, you are given a single primary domain or some list of domains for testing and finding security flaws. Your methodology of performing reconnaissance to find relevant and attractive information like server details and domains belonging to the target organization increases your chances of finding security flaws. Sub-domain enumeration is also an essential step in the process of Information Gathering. These detected Sub-domains can sometimes reveal a lot of domains or sub-domains that can have some security flaws. Many testers test main domain but the chances of finding security flaw increases while trying various Sub-domains.  N4xD0rk is the python language-based tool that is used for Sub-domain Enumeration. It lists the subdomains of the specified target main domain.

Note: Make Sure You have Python Installed on your System, as this is a python-based tool.

Click to check the Installation process: Python Installation Steps on Linux

Features of N4xD0rk Tool

  1. N4xD0rk tool has a high rate of finding subdomains.
  2. N4xD0rk tool is an open-source-based tool.
  3. N4xD0rk tool is free to use.
  4. N4xD0rk tool is a python language-based tool.
  5. N4xD0rk tool supports IP option is the Domain name is not known.
  6. N4xD0rk tool allows a customizing number of searches.

Installation of N4xD0rk Tool in Windows 10 OS

Step 1: Download the N4xD0rk Tool .zip File from Github, use the following link to download.

Step 2: Unzip the Zip File using WinRar for Default System Extractor.

Right Click -> Extract Here

Step 3:  New Folder N4xD0rk-master will be created, move to that folder.

Double click or the Folder

Step 4: Open the Command Prompt from the N4xD0rk Directory.

Type cmd on Address Bar

Type cmd to open Command Prompt from Working Directory

Step 5:  Download the required packages for running the tool, use the following command.

pip2 install -r requirements.txt

Step 6: Now we are done with our installation, Use the below command to view the help (gives a better understanding of tool) index of the tool.

python -h

Working with N4xD0rk Tool in Windows 10

Example 1: Simple Scan

python -t -n 5

In this example, We will perform a simple scan to enumerate subdomains of’s main domain. We have used -t tag for specifying out the target. -n tag is used to specify the number of results.

2. In the below Screenshot, We have got results or subdomains for’s main domain. As per our -n tag, we have got 5 results or 5 subdomains.

Example 2: Specifying Number of Results

python -t -n 30

1. In this Example, We will change the number of results values. In the above example, we were getting 5 results, but in this example, we will be customizing the -n tag to 30 results.

2. In the below Screenshot, You can see that we have got almost 30 results for our target main domain We can change the resulting number as per our requirement.

Example 3: Taking a screenshot of Subdomain

python -t -n 30 -c y

1. In this example, we will be clicking Screenshot of Subdomains of N4xD0rk tool provides the feature of clicking screenshots of subdomains. -c flag along with the confirmation string (Y/N) is to be inputted.

2. You can see that this tool has clicked the screenshot of subdomains. In the below Image, We have added the screenshot of the subdomain.

This tool can be used in Security Researching and Bug Bounties as it has the capability to search for subdomains and also has the feature to click the screenshot of subdomains for time-saving, as checking each subdomain accessibility is a complex process, so automatically clicking the screenshot can help the tester to simply check the snapshot and explore the subdomain.

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