Myntra Interview | Set 2 (For SDE-II)

1st round(coding):

  1. Given a tree, in which leaf nodes for a doubly-linked cycle Print cycle.
  2. Tell me if a binary tree is BST?

2nd round(problem solving):

  1. Given a sorted array, being rotated; Find an element in it.
  2. Given a sorted array, being rotated; Give me sorted array.
  3. Given a stream of integers, give me median at any time.
  4. From me:
           You look younger, what’s your designation & experience?
           Where did you work before?
           Why you moved to myntra from amazon?

3rd round (problem solving):

  1. Given an array of numbers, give me a wave.
    Input: a0 a1 a2 .. an-1
    Mathematical expression for wave: ai>=aj=al<=am   for all i, j,k,l .. m belong to [0,n-1]

4th round (general discussion):

  1. His info, team info & company
  2. My info & work
  3. What are my favorite tasks & contribution?
  4. What are the technical challenges that you solved?
  5. Where do you want to work & what interests you?
  6. From me:
           Whats your role?
           Where did you work before?
           What are +ve & -ve’s of myntra, you think?
           Why you left your previous job?
           How is work life at myntra?
  7. Why myntra?

5th round (VP):

  1. His info, teams info & company
  2. My info
  3. Give me a flow of your work & company
  4. What’s your contribution?
  5. Tell me something, you haven’t highlighted in the previous interviews
  6. How you keep yourself information-aware?
  7. What you do in free time & whats your initiatives in technology?
  8. Discussion of mobile technology
  9. Why myntra?
  10. What’s your choice of work?

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