Myntra Interview | Set 1

First round
1) Given set of coins of different denominations like 1$(100), 5$(50) ..etc, and given an amount, I was asked to come up with optimal solution using least number of coins to get that amount.
I told greedy approach of starting with maximum denomination coin, use up as much as possible, then moving on to next, I was asked to tell dynamic programming approach.
I told I will split the amount in half and keep doing it until i reach 1 1 combination..start calculating optimal combination..and keep going up like..

2) Next question was to try and implement google autosuggest. I told i will use tries, pseudo code and some optimizations on top of it.

Second round
1) If every leaf node in binary tree forms a double linked list, that is all the leaf nodes for a DLL.


                         /          \
                        2           3
                     /      \      /    \
                   4 ......5....6.......7  

print all the leaf nodes….
This involves first identifying leaf node. We can do that by checking at every node, if the its child points right back at the parent, then parent is leaf node.

2) After this it is simple traversal of DLL and printing nodes.

3) Level order traversal.

4) Mirror image of tree

5) Ancestors in binary tree.

Third round
System Design questions :
1) A Bunch of devices….u can share files etc., ..each device might support only some limited format of files. Design a common server hosting all the files repository.

2) Design a website where after user request…a bunch of processes need to be executed and then a mail is sent to user with the result. ..Take care of scalability etc.,

Fourth round:
System design: The whole supply chain, a central head, bunch of divisions under it… under each division ..bunch of manufacturing units and then under them…vendors.
SOA approach seems to be best in this case.

in mobile phones how autosuggest and autocorrect work…. google ranking algorithm…and little on analytics.

Fifth round
1) Database:design with one-one mapping, one-many mapping…some basic qns.

2) Binary tree insert, delete ( all the cases in delete and when they happen)

3) Zig zag level traversal of binary tree

4) There was one dynamic programming question..I dont remember what it was…

5) c++ oops….polymorphism…

6) and also if following is possible…virtual parent, child1, child2
virtual parent* = new child1
child1* = new parent
child2= child1 ???

7) Given a bunch of floors….and egg will break only if it is thrown from a floor and any floor above that….what least number of eggs u would need if total floors are say 32..
I went with binary search..where I strt from middle…throw the egg, if it doesn’t break…
go to middle of upper half and if it does break..i know I should go to middle of lower half.
…so 5 eggs

Sixth round
1) This was CTO round, if you make this round…you are doing pretty good.

2) He asked a lot on what I worked on …and asked questions relevant to that.. process threads…stacks heaps. a minor system design on component in their system. how they are shared between…tradeoffs…
we discussed about scalability and challenge….

a bunch of behavioral questions .

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