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Myntra Interview Experience | Set 4 (For Senior Software Engineer )

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I was recently interview for Senior Software Engineer @Myntra. This is my interview experience.

Round 1 : Online Test (90 mins)
Online test was help at their office on HackerEarth.
Need an efficient solution for the problem.
Given an array a[], find three indices (triplets) i,j,k such that:
1. i < j < k 2. a[i] < a[j] < a[k] 3. a[i] + a[j] + a[k] <= t , where t is a given sum Array is not necessarily sorted. Have to count number of such triplets. Few days after online test I was contacted for further rounds of interviews. Round 2: Technical Round (1-1.5 hours)
1. Deletion in a binary search tree
2. Construct a BST with preorder and inorder traversals given
3. Couple of more questions on trees.

Round 3: Technical Round (1 hour)
1. Discussion about certain implementations in my project.
2. Implementation of O(1) insertion, deletion and finMin through stack.
3. Couple of questions on trees.

Round 4: Problem Solving round (1 hour)
1. Find the intersection point of two merging linked lists.
2. Identify Trending Topics with many constraints like demographic regions/gender/religion etc. Discussion on the best methods.
3. An iron rod is given that has to be cut in a manner such that the cost is maximized. Different rod sizes have different costs and there is a cutting cost involved.
Last round was a telephonic round with VP after few days.

Round 5 : VP/Designing Round (Telephonic – 50mins)
1. Discussion on projects.
2. Behavioral questions. Interests, why willing to change etc.
3. Design a bus reservation system defining classes and member functions.

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Last Updated : 18 Mar, 2015
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