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Mylo Interview Experience for Technology Intern | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021
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Eligibility Criteria: All Branches above 6.5 CGPA

Mylo visited our campus on 20th Aug 2021 for Technology and Data Analyst roles (6 months Intern + FTE). They conducted a Pre-Placement Talk on 20th Aug 2021.

First of all, resumes were collected of the applicants. Students could apply for either Technology or Data Analyst or both. Students were shortlisted on the basis of their resumes. Only 2 students were shortlisted for both Technology and Data Analyst Role profiles. Others were selected for either Tech or Data Analyst profiles.

Round 1(Basic Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Round): 

Shortlisted were asked to take a basic aptitude and logical reasoning test on the AMCAT platform. This round was on 23rd Aug. Test was very easy and there were around 25 questions to solve in 40 minutes.

After this test, 8 students were shortlisted for the Data Analyst role and 9 students were shortlisted for Tech Role. I was shortlisted for Tech Role. All the interview rounds were conducted on Microsoft Teams.

Round 2(Technical Round1):

 All the interviews were conducted on 24 Aug 2021. The interviewer was super friendly and cool. He started with his introduction and then mine. The discussion was mainly on my projects and internships. I had used WebSocket in my project, so he asked questions about what is web socket and how they work? 

After the interview, he asked me if I had any questions. This round was for 35 to 40 minutes. I asked some questions and then I left. After 2 hours, I got a message for the next round.

Round 3(Technical Round 2): 

The interviewer was also friendly. He started with my introduction. He was taking his first interview. He also started from the discussion about my projects.

Lastly, he said if I had any questions for him. I asked some questions and then left. This round was for 30 minutes. I got a message for the next round in 2 hours.

Round 4(HR Round):

 The interviewer was nice. He asked my introduction and then dived into HR questions:

  • He started asking what do you know about the company? (Its mission and vision).
  • Did he ask me which companies I had previously applied to? (Basically, he just wanted to know what drove me to apply in Mylo) Be careful with the answers as there will be counter-questions.
  • Why do you want to join us?
  • What according to you is our USP or what has made you believe in us?
  • Define work culture according to you. 2-3 qualities that you want in work culture (Basically he was checking if I could fit in the work culture of their company).
  • Next, he asked about my hobbies. Make sure you are honest here and what you say is also there in your resume. He cross-questioned me on this.

Finally, he said if I had any questions for him. I asked some questions and then I left. This round was for 30 minutes.

The selected student’s list came at night. I was only selected for the Tech Profile and no one was selected for the Data Analyst profile.

Verdict: Selected.


  1. Be honest with your answers.
  2. Make sure you attend the PPT as questions were asked from it in the HR round.
  3. You should know about the basics of all core subjects and make sure you know everything about your projects.
  4. DSA was not asked, so even if you are weak at algorithms, it won’t make any big difference.
  5. Make sure everything in your resume is genuine, even your hobbies.
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