Mykaarma On-Campus Interview Experience

Round 1: It was an online round conducted on CodeGrounds (a new Platform for us) . In this round there were 2 sections, Aptitude and Coding (40 minutes forAptitude and 90 minutes for 4 coding questions) . 3 questions were easy and 1 was a
moderate level question. In aptitude section time was the only constraint, questions were not much difficult.

Round 2: After Online Round around 20 students were shortlisted for Interview Round.
Interview round consisted of 3 technical Rounds followed by 3 Video Interview
Rounds on the next day.
First two technical Interviews majorly focussed on my Problem Solving and
Algorithmic skills. I was asked to write the code for whatever Algorithm. I suggested and Some puzzles were also asked.
After these two rounds 7 students were shortlisted.

Round 3: Next day, In third technical round, there was a discussion on my projects and resume based questions were asked and I was also tested on my knowledge of OOPs, Data Structures and Algorithms in this round as well. All three rounds were nice and smooth.

Then started three Video Interview rounds beginning with the Machine Learning Interview round. In this round, I was asked about my interest in Machine Learning and was asked to develop a prototype for 2 real life problems based on Machine Learning.

The next round was the HR Round. The HR was so friendly that I didn’t even found this round as an Interview as I was slightly nervous before this round. Some questions related to my personal life Experiences were asked . Be Responsive and confident while answering questions in this Round. It went for about 15 to 20 minutes.

In the last Video Interview round, focus was on analytical and Problem Solving skills, a puzzle was asked in this round and then I asked some. Company and project Related questions. This was quite a short round.

After the complete Interview Process 5 students were offered Internship for the next summer.
Overall, all the Interviewers were very friendly and amazing and It was an  altogether awesome Experience.

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