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MyHelper (Access your phone from anywhere without Internet)

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We are living in a world where everything is happening at the speed of a Formula-1 car in a race track. Keeping tick of essentials in this fast-paced life sometimes turns out to be quite demanding. Therein comes the use of ‘MyHelper’. It’s your personal offline assistant to help you with the common problems faced in daily life. So What is my helper – works completely without Internet
  1. Problem 1: Forgot your phone at home? Want to get the contact’s number to make an important call? Solution 1: Just send an sms to your phone with contact name and you will get number back as an sms.
  2. Problem 2: Did you ever misplace your phone at home and you made the whole world upside down to search for it?  Solution 2: MyHelper will help you change the sound profile of the phone from silent to normal mode so you could search for it easily.
  3. Problem 3:Lost your phone want to know where is it exactly?   Solution 3: MyHelper will send you an sms with your phones current location immediately.
  4. Problem 4: Want to lock your phone?  Solution 4: MyHelper will help you lock your screen immediately
Working: We provide you a very simple offline 800kb packet of Android app which will solve all the issues. All you need to do is simply send an SMS from any basic phone with the passcode you set on your Android app. The app works totally in background, A user just has to set a passcode and he is done with it, Now he does not need to do anything else after that, the app will automatically detect Incoming message filter it and search for the passcode on success reads command and perform the task as per user requirement.


  1. An easy way to access your phone’s contact at anytime, anywhere just through a simple SMS.
  2. An sms can help you change the sound profile of your phone(silent to normal) without Internet
  3. Remote Access without the Internet.
  4. Track your phone through an sms
  5. Hassle-Free as no OTP and ID PASSWORD is required
  6. Fast
  7. User friendly
  8. Helps during Emergency.

Class Diagram diagram


For this project I Used Android Studio. After deducing the user problems and the flow of the working of application I started developing it as an Offline app.  I have used HashTable to save the contact details while traversing the list when user asks to access a number.Along with network bay station working. HashTable – In computing, a hash table (hash map) is a data structure which implements an associative array abstract data type, a structure that can map keys to values. A hash table uses a hash function to compute an index into an array of buckets or slots, from which the desired value can be found. Android Studio – Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Google that provides developers with tools needed to build applications for the Android OS platform.

Tools Used 

  • Android Studio
  • SDK
  • SqlLite DB.
Research: As many close friends were facing this problem frequently I got the idea of making this Application that will run completely in background and without Internet connection. I went about trying to search for a solution first but as nothing relative was available I went about to resolve this problem with a simple innovative idea so that the usual OTP saga with credentials hassle could be avoided and a simple fast solution can be provided. Survey as per few users who used this application found it helpful and an easy solution to their everyday problem. Few Reviews- Dhrubajyoti- “I used to misplace my phone quite a lot.As most of the time it used to be in silent mode it was quite time-consuming to find it.But MyHelper turned out to be a very handful as I was able to change the sound profile of my phone within seconds just by an SMS.” Nischay More-“Very oftenly I used to forget my phone at home and go to some important work. Thanks to MyHelper I get the contacts very easily in a Hassle-Free way.” Applications: It can used by any Android Phone to get full access to your phone. Any phone with basic sms feature can be used to access your phone.EX-A basic phone like NOKIA-1100 can also be used to get all these features. Screenshots: screenshot 2 screenshot (1)

Team members: Abhishek Jaiswal Kumar Raja

Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2019
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