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MX Player Interview Experience for SDE

  • Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2020

Round 1(Coding Assessment): Platform was Coderbyte. Two Coding questions in 1 hr:

  1. The Largest contiguous subarray sum.
  2. Given a string (e.g. [“(0,0),(2,2),(2,0),(0,2),(1,0),(1,2),(6,0),(6,2)”]) which are coordinates of two rectangles(first 4 are East rectangle and last 4 are of 2nd rectangle) (order is not given i.e. out of given 4 coordinates anyone can be any corner of the rectangle) Write a program to determine the area of space where the two rectangles overlap and output the number of times this overlapping region can fit into the first rectangle. For e.g: in the above string, overlap area is 2 and the area of the first rectangle is 4 so the output would be 2. If there is no overlapping return 0.

Similar question:

Round 2 (Technical interview 1): It started with “Tell me about yourself” and then coding questions. The interviewer wrote me the code on google docs: (his main focus was on approach and writing the compilable code)

Coding questions:

  1. Given a sorted array, construct balanced Binary Search Tree.
  2. Given two strings check whether they are Anagrams.
  3. Rain Water trapping problem.
  4. Given Binary matrix find the maximum square matrix of 1’s.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): It started with a “quick introduction and CV walkthrough”. The interviewer then wrote me one code on google docs:

Problem: Given two linked lists (Linked List 1 and Linked List 2) and two data values of nodes of Linked-List 1. You have to remove the linked list between these two points(including both points) from Linked list 1 and insert Linked list 2 at that position. Finally, a written head pointer to the final linked list.

A similar type of Problem:

Round 4(HR round): Introduction, Why MX Player, Explain about the situation when you Lead a team and some of your members was not agreeing with you, how did you handle it?

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