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MuSigma Aptitude Test – Round I

  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2018

Round 1: Aptitude Test 

MuSigma conducted its aptitude test on CoCubes Platform. There were 70 questions that needed to be solved in 60 minutes. There were about 10-15 Personality Test questions. You can check the example here:  Personality Test Example 

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There were 10-15 Verbal questions. They were of medium level.

Then there were a lot of probability questions. Here are few of them that I remember from the test:

Ques: P(A/B) = P(B/A). Then which of the following is definitely true?

  1. P(A) = P(B)
  2. A and B are Mutually Exclusive events
  3. A and B are Exhaustive events
  4. A and B are any two events
  5. A and B are independent events

Ques: A coin is biased such that probability of getting a head is 4 times that of getting a tail. The coin is tossed thrice. What is the probability of getting a HTH sequence?

Then there were some logical questions. Like conditions were given to decode a locker and we needed to find the code for that locker. Another question was like 4 conditions were given by 4 different persons and question was only 1 statement is true among the 4. So who is the murderer ?  All these questions required good logical solving ability.

Then there were some questions where Algorithm was given and we needed to find the correct answer for a specific input given in the question.

That was all it consist of. I would suggest to go through Probability for sure, and practice English verbal.

Good luck.

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