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  • Last Updated : 08 Oct, 2015

Round 1 :WRITTEN TEST ( 1 Hour ) PRE-PLACEMENT TALK( 45 minutes)
There were 3 members. The way they presented the company was quite amazing. We were asked whether we have worked on any mobile application or not. I raised my hand because of my android project that I did during the course. I was made to explain my work. They seemed impressed.
It was a pen and paper objective test. Questions were from JAVA along with Quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning.
Around 100 students appeared for the test, 12 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2 :GROUP INTERVIEW ( 1 Hour)
This round was the main punch of the entire selection procedure. I had never given such a round before so was quite nervous for it. There were 3 interviewers and 12 shortlisted candidates sitting in one room. We were made to ask questions to each other. Being a ecommerce website, my question for the other candidate was related to android application. The key things they looked at in this round was “your relevance“, “your correctness” and “your attentiveness“. The round lasted for 1 hour. 8 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3 : GROUP HR ( 30 min )
We were asked to introduce ourselves. Everyone did that one by one and at last the panel told us about the work that we would be doing once we join. The profile “Software Developer“ seemed to be interested. We were asked to wait outside for the results.

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