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Mphrx Intern Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 26 Jun, 2020

Mphrx visited our campus in August and took an online test which had aptitude and coding questions. About 20 students were selected and called for interviews at their office.

Only 1 student was selected.

They again came

Round 1 (Technical): 

Began with a discussion on my resume and my interests.

  • OOPS concepts and some related questions.
  • Given an array with positive and negative numbers, separate them such that negatives come before all positives, maintaining their actual order.
  • One binary search related question.
  • Puzzle: Given 27 balls in a bucket with one ball of lesser weight. Find the ball in minimum number of attempts.
  •  Data binding in ReactJS as it was mentioned in my resume.
  • Difference between Function Overriding and Function overloading.

Round 2 (Technical):

This round was mostly resume based and discussion on various technologies.

As my resume had ReactJS and machine learning projects, he asked me about the same. Long discussion and counter questions on both topics. This round lasted for 45 minutes.

Round 3 (HR): 

It began with general HR questions:

Tell me about yourself, interests apart from coding.

And then a long discussion based on different topics, both technical and non-technical. This round lasted for almost 1 hour.

After one week, results were declared. Three people were selected.

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