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Mphasis Interview experience
  • Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2019

Round 1:

This round was held in our college and it was an online test conducted through AmCat.There were a total of four sections.

In this test, you cannot attempt the next question until you tick an answer for the current question on your computer screen. That is it is mandatory to answer the questions.

1. Verbal ability- This section was quite easy.

2. Quantitative aptitude- In this section, there were 15 questions and only 15 minutes to solve them

3. Programming MCQ’s- The questions were on basic c logics like operators, storage classes, functions, etc.  There were questions on data structures as well like questions on graphs, trees, stack, etc. One should refer to the  C MCQ’s from geeks for geeks, they will help you in any campus test whether it is TCS NQT or any other test.

4.Logical reasoning

Round 2:

Almost 250 students appeared for the online test and only 24 were selected for this round. This was SVAR round, it is conducted just to test your listening skills and communication skills. There are 5 sections in this test. It was conducted on our mobile phones where we had to do some tasks. They will provide a user id which will be used to login and take the test. Various sections are as follows:

1.  There were 12 sentences that will appear on your screen and you have to repeat them.

2. You will hear 12 sentences one by one and you have to listen and repeat them.

3. You will hear a conversation and then they will ask some questions based on that conversation.

4. They will ask for some antonyms and synonyms.

5. The last section will be kind of extempore where they will give you a topic and you have to speak for 45 seconds.

Once you complete the test you will get to know your score, if you perform well then you will be through to next round.

Round 3:

This was the interview round where technical and HR interviews were held separately.


Technical interview was simple, they asked about technologies that I’ve mentioned in my resume. Then he told me to write a program to print “hello” n number of times without using any loop. The solution to this problem can be recursion. Then he asked me about my training and then he asked questions based on my training. He also asked what is a method, constructor and difference between them. At last, he told me to wait for the result and then after some time I was called for HR interview.


There was a lady in the room. As I entered the room, I greeted her. Then she skimmed my resume and appreciated my academic record.

Then she told me to introduce myself, Then she asked about my hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses. Then she told me about the CTC and all the details regarding the company and role I will be getting if I get selected. At last, she asked me if I have any question or not.

After half an hour the result was declared and I was selected.

If you want to crack any placement, you should be thorough with C and data structures and geeks for geeks is the right place for it. For aptitude one can refer to prepinsta, campus gate and indiabix.

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