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MoveInSync Interview Experience for BackEnd Engineer Role
  • Last Updated : 20 May, 2021

For Backend Engineer role 

Zero Round: 

Given list of cities and theaters list, design and develop a ticket booking web application. 

It should have following features: 

  • Only one person can book the seat per show. Handle concurrent requests coming for same seat.
  • If a seat to selected and not booked then that should be unblocked after 10 minutes.
  • Expose API to show list of available, blocked, and booked seats for a theater

First Round: 

  • Interviewer reviews design, code and asks to a another features.
  • Coding problem: Given a large matrix size of 10^18X10^18 and list sub tables with top-left and right bottom coordinates and number filled in those tables. Illustration below. Find the coordinates of number ‘n’.


Second Round: 

  • Design Question: Design an application where client wants uploads million records, validate and insert into db.


  • There should not be any loss of data.
  • Handle if DB goes down temporarily


  • Questions around design patterns.

Third Round: 

  • Design “Executor Service”
  • How threads are managed in web server?
  • What are the technical challenges you faced in your previous company?
  • Different garbage collections algorithms?


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