Motorola Mobility Interview Experience | Set 2 (Off-campus Fresher)

Role: Software Engineer

Section 1
General Aptitude – 15 questions
Section 2
Technical Aptitude – 20 questions
Section 3
Coding – 2 questions in Java only

  1. Count the number of times a appears as the last digit in a^b where b is from 1 to n
  2. Find the n-th closest palindromic number to a given number. If number is 127 and n is 1, answer is 131. If n is 2, answer is 121.


  1. Check if binary tree contains duplicates
  2. Left view of tree
  3. Reverse linked list in groups


  1. Best time to buy and sell stock to maximize profit. Same problem using SQL also.
  2. Search for an element in a matrix that is sorted row wise and column wise

Discussion about college, previous internships and future plans. The director explained about the company, teams and technologies.

1.5 hour discussion on a wide range of topics (religion, philosophy, history, politics, environment, healthcare, urbanization etc.), college projects and why I want to join the company.

Questions asked to other candidates:

  1. Rotate matrix elements
  2. Check if a string contains numbers that are in a consecutive sequence

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