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Motherboard parts – North Bridge

  • Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021

Motherboard comprises of many parts embedded in it. In this article, a part named North Bridge is being discussed. A motherboard has a chip set logic architecture consisting of two chipsets: 

1. North Bridge
2. South Bridge 

We have explained here, only North Bridge. 

1. North Bridge : 
North bridge is also called as Host Bridge. The north bridge is directly connected to the Central Processing Unit(CPU) for processing tasks that need the highest performance. These chip sets act as a medium for communication between the CPU and parts of motherboard thereby, Memory Controller Hub, being the other name for North Bridge. 

History : 
The name North bridge was derived while designing the architecture of the chip sets. It was designed in such way that the CPU would have a easy access for connecting parts of motherboard. 

Features : 

  • A north bridge communicates with processor via Front Side Bus or FSB for short.
  • It controls the interaction with motherboard parts such as Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), and other crucial parts.

Advantages : 

  • Easy communication is being established between parts of motherboard via North Bridge.
  • Faster data transfer due to easy communication access.

There is no major disadvantages.

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