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Most Used Shortcuts of Turbo C++

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  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2022
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C++ developed by Bjarne Stroustrup is a cross-platform language used for creating high-performance applications. Where C++ has 1.8 million developers out of 20 million of the total community of developers, it is one of the most preferred languages used for development in the industries. To develop such applications, IDEs come into the picture.

Turbo C++ Shortcuts


Turbo C++ was developed by Borland, which is one of the best IDE for C++ and its first official version was released in 1990. In spite of being the oldest IDE, the craze for Turbo C++ still continues. This article covers some commonly used keyboard shortcut keys. So, let’s get to know some of the most used and the most important shortcuts used in Turbo C++.

Turbo C++ Keyboard Shortcuts Keys:

S No.Shortcut keys Action
1.          F1For Help
4.F4Go to cursor
7.F7Trace into
8.F8Step over
11.Alt + F1Go to the previous Topic
12.Alt + F3Close the opened file
13.Alt + F4Inspect
14.Alt + F5Open user screen/output screen     
15.Alt + F7Go to the previous Error
16.Alt + F8Go to the next Error
17.Alt + F9Compile 
18.Alt + 0Open a list of all available files
19.Alt + COpen Compile menu option
20.Alt + DOpen Debug menu option
21.Alt + EOpen the Edit menu option
22.Alt + FOpen File menu option
23.Alt + HOpen the Help menu option
24.Alt + OOpen the option menu
25.Alt + POpen Project menu option
26.Alt + ROpen Run menu option
27.Alt + SOpen Search menu option
28.Alt + WOpen Window menu option
29.Alt + XQuit
30.Alt + BkspUndo
31.Alt + Bksp +  ShiftRedo
32.Alt + EnterMinimize or Maximize
33.Ctrl + DeleteDelete selected code
34.Ctrl + F1Topic Search
35.Ctrl + F2Reset Opened Program
36.Ctrl + F3Call Stack
37.Ctrl + F4Modify/Evaluate Expression 
38.Ctrl + F5Size/Move
39.Ctrl + F7Add Watch
40.Ctrl + F8Toggle between breakpoints
41.Ctrl + F9  ‘or’  Alt + R + EnterRun code
42.Ctrl + LSearch selected String
43.Ctrl + NAdd New Line
44.Ctrl + SSave
45.Ctrl + YDelete Line
46.Ctrl + InsCopy 
47.Ctrl + K + BSelect Starting Points
48.Ctrl + K + KSelect Ending Points
49.Ctrl + K + HHide Grey line of Selection
51.Shift + DeleteCut 
52.Shift + Ins  ‘or’  Ctrl + K + CPaste
53.Shift + F1Open Turbo Help Index
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