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Most Popular Antivirus Softwares for Ensured Threat Protection

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Cyberattacks are increasing day by day as technological advancement is ongoing and it’s important to safeguard our privacy and personal assets. We have many internet security suites that are available to protect us from malware, viruses, online threats, online fraud, and phishing attacks.


These premium softwares come with extra services that you would normally purchase separately like a cloud, backup, password manager, parental control, VPN, and identity theft protection. In this article, we will first cover the importance of Internet Security and then cover the best Internet Security softwares that can protect you from online threats.

Importance of Internet Security software:

  • Help you browse safely.
  • Keep hackers away by blocking any unauthorized access.
  • Safeguard your privacy and confidentiality.
  • Prevent data theft like personal files, photos, and videos from your devices.
  • Maintain your anonymity on the internet by using the VPN feature.

List of the Best Internet Security Softwares:

1. Norton 360:

Norton 360 is a powerful and reliable software that protects your devices(PC, Mac, android, and iOS phones) from various online threats, such as viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. It uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and remove harmful files, even if they are new or unknown. It also provides a secure VPN service that encrypts your online activity and prevents hackers from accessing your personal information. With Norton 360, you can enjoy peace of mind and a safer online experience.


  • It scans your files and apps in real-time to detect and remove malware.
  • Alerts you of phishing and other online scams that try to steal your personal information or money.
  • It updates automatically to keep your security up to date with the latest threats.
  • Tracks your online activity and lets you see who is accessing your computer and what they are doing.
  • Other services includes a smart firewall, password manager, and cloud backup to secure your data and identity.


  • Prevents unauthorized account sign-ups.
  • Protects against fraudulent and risky websites.
  • Easy interface with simple navigation.
  • Cloud backup and smart firewall.
  • Customer support is available via email, phone or live chat.


  • Limited protection and parental control on iOS and Mac devices.

2. Bitdefender:

This is a powerful internet security suite that can protect you from all kinds of malware and cyber threats. It has a great antivirus engine that can detect and stop even the most advanced threats by using smart behavioral analysis. Bitdefender Premium Security also lets you monitor and control your children’s online activities on all four major platforms, but some features are only available on Windows, such as the unlimited password manager and the webcam and microphone protections.


  • Multi-layered ransomware protection for preventing data encryption.
  • Safepay online banking protection for secure transactions.
  • Webcam and microphone protection for preventing spying.
  • VPN for encrypting your internet traffic.


  • Locate, lock or erase data with anti-theft tool.
  • Better anti-malware tools for threat detection.


  • VPN is additional, you have to pay extra for this
  • Password manager available only on Windows

3. Verizon Internet Security:

Verizon Internet Security Suite is a complete solution that helps you enjoy the internet without worrying about online dangers. It protects your devices from online threats such as hackers, viruses, spyware, and phishing. It also provides you with features like firewall, antivirus & parental control, anti-spyware, pop-up blockers, fraud protection, security dashboards.


  • It provides real-time protection against malware.
  • Warns you of fraudulent websites that may try to steal your identity or money with Identity Protection and Verizon SiteAdvisor.
  • Blocks unauthorized attempts to access your computer or network with a two-way Firewall Protection
  • Filters and monitors your email, web browsing, and instant messaging with Family Protection – parental controls.
  • Helps you keep your PC running smoothly with system maintenance and optimization tools.


  • Provides a secured network
  • Real-time protection from malware


  • Safe Wi-Fi lacks basic features
  • No password manager
  • limited bandwidth of VPN

4. Webroot:

Webroot is a cloud-based antivirus software that protects your devices from online threats such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, and phishing. It lets you browse the internet safely and securely, and blocks malicious websites with web filtering. It is very fast and easy to use, and does not require much space or memory on your devices. It only needs 128MB of RAM (minimum), 10 MB Hard Disk Space, and Internet access to work.


  • Scans your files and apps in real-time to detect and remove malware.
  • It provides identity protection that includes tools to prevent websites and malware from accessing your personal data.
  • Helps you keep your passwords secure and organized with a password manager powered by LastPass.
  • Optimizes your system performance with tools to clean up your browser history, temporary files, and registry entries.
  • Offers 25 GB of cloud storage to backup your important files and data.


  • Lightweight that does not require much space.
  • Compatible with all platforms.


  • No customer support is available via phone or live chat.
  • No VPN available
  • Cloud storage not sufficient.

5. Intego:

Intego is a powerful antivirus software that can protect your macOS and Windows devices from various online threats. It can monitor your system constantly and stop ransomware, phishing, viruses, Trojans, malware, and other cyber-attacks. The software can detect malicious traffic and fake websites, and prevent them from harming your devices.


  • Detects and prevents malicious traffic and fake websites that may try to harm your devices or steal your data.
  • Updates itself regularly to stay ahead of the latest threats and protect you from new and emerging attacks.
  • Offers a firewall, a backup tool, a parental control, and a Mac cleaner to enhance your security and performance.


  • Easy set-up and configuration
  • 24/7 protection


  • No VPN available
  • No password manager provided
  • Not available on Android or iOS.

Comparison of Top internet security software:


Best For

Free Trail



Norton 360

Protecting devices against online threats, monitoring the dark web, secures your passwords, and more.


Starts from Rs 799 per year (for 1st year)



Security against internet threats on Windows PCs


Starts from Rs 1495 per year


Verizon Internet Security

Security dashboard and fraud protection.

Not available

Starts from Rs 800 per month



Lightweight software

Not available

Starts from Rs 2220 per year



Antivirus of mac and Windows

Available with limited features

Starts from Rs 3300 per year



We have compared various internet security softwares and evaluated their features, pros, and cons. They all offer excellent virus detection and malware protection, but some of them are missing essential features such as parental control, VPN, and cloud backup. Based on our extensive testing and analysis, we can say that Norton 360 is the best internet security software because it provides additional features we need to safeguard our devices against various cyber threats.

If you have better suggestions about the products/services/tools/brands listed above or feel like something missing, please Contact Us and share your suggestions.

Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2023
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