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Morgan Stanley Interview | (Summer Internship, 2019)

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This was the first interview that I gave, I was in 5th semester then, was a bit messy (a lot), I didn’t even knew the most basic things. I will be writing other interview experiences. (I improved, a lot 🙂 ).

Qualification Round : So around 400-450 students competed in the coding round.

Out of which around 24 were selected for the next on-site round, at their office the next day. This Round had 3 sections :

Section 1 : Technical Questions (Some CS course subjects)

Section 2 : Aptitude Questions ( Time and work,   CI, SI)

Section 3 : 3 coding questions. (1st 2 were priority queue based, kind of direct application of that, 3rd one was a graph question, had to calculate number of islands.)

Round 1: This was conducted at Morgan Stanley’s Bangalore office. So it was a one on one interview, he asked me “tell me about yourself”. He had a sheet which had details about the qualification round. He asked me “what you have say about your coding skills?”, “You received 2.9/5 in the test.”

I replied : “I am not sure how I got this score, but I am pretty confident about my problem solving and coding skills”.

Then a few more in-general questions about myself. A questions on indexing in database, followed by a complex query syntax. An algorithm to sort n numbers (in-place), basically he wanted QuickSort’s algorithm. In the end he asked me if I had any questions. I did ask him a couple of questions.

Round 2: After waiting for 2-3 hours, around 15 were selected for the next round. It was kind of a HR + technical round. Questions related to system design were asked (design a parking lot). This round didn’t go well for me, I made it so. It was kind of embarrassing, but I will share it.

So they asked me “what kind of a job you would like to do?”  And I remember answering “Something that makes me stand out of the crowd”. Which was really weird, I know. Later they asked me if I would do a job that involves databases, I said “No sir, I don’t like databases so I won’t be accepting the job”. I really didn’t have basic knowledge, of even what to say. The conversations that I had over there, were messed up insanely.

Obviously I was rejected, would have got in if I would have given a few company oriented answers, in a structured way and professionally.

Takeaways :

1) Be patient, some times you will have to wait for hours for the results. And that may be a rejection, must handle it calmly. (Trust me, have faced a lot of this)

2) Always try to give answers in structured form. I would suggest being prepared with the most common questions, like ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘ what kind of a profile you are interested in ‘ and the similar ones.

3) Also be prepared about the company, go visit their website, read some articles about the company, just explore a bit. ( This helped me get into CISCO later.. (will share the experience soon..) )


In the next interviews, I really applied whatever I have written in this article. So I kind of took every mistake that I made in every interview, and it improved me a lot. Please do read the other reviews too..

Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2019
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