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Morgan Stanley Interview | Set 26 (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021

Round 1: (Online Coding contest on Hackerrank )
Time -24 hours
There were 6 questions of increasing level of difficulty.
I think Top 150 across all over India were selected. ( ‘caz my rank was under 150)

Round 2: (Skype Round) – Time – 45+ minutes

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Briefly describe the projects you have worked up on.
  3. Describe polymorphism and its type. How virtual function is being implemented and what is virtual table, is it static/ dynamic and why? What is vptr? Is there multiple virtual table or single virtual table in inheritance hierarchy and why so?
  4. Design Facebook. It was an open ended question in which one has to only give his thoughts regarding the data
    structures which you would like to use while designing and how it’s being implemented.
  5. You are given multiple tabs in your browser, you have to design such a system that when you close one tab
    then it jumps back to last visited tab just before it. New tabs can also be opened. Eg. If you have three tabs –,, respectively opened in your browser and you are on, from you switched to, (in here if you close google tab then you should jump to not Now you open in a new tab (in here if you close gmail tab then you should go back to
  6. What is LRU (Least Recently Used)? Implement it.
  7.  A few question regarding scenario where one should use multithreading.
    Result of this round was declared after 7 days.

Round 3: (Technical Round – 1)- Time – 45 minutes
This was a face to face round.

  1.  Write a program to form a palindrome from a given string.
  2. Write recursive and iterative code for finding factorial and which one is better.
  3.  Write a program to find the next higher number from a given number in the form of array (eg: 4955 as
    4,9,5,5 next higher number – 5,4,5,9)

Round 4: (Technical Round – 2) Time – 45 minutes

  1. Briefly describe the projects you have worked up on.
  2. What is Data Structure? Explain Map. What happens when one tries to insert a value corresponding to a
    key if it’s already present in your map
  3. What’s the difference between Object Oriented Programming language and Procedural language
  4. What is stack and heap? Where these memory reside. (He simply wanted to know about the memory
  5. Difference between linked list and arrays. Which one will be preferable in which scenario and why?
    Few other questions which I can’t recall at this time.

Round 5: (Professional fitment)- Time – 45 minutes

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2.  He brought a question along with him which i couldn’t recall right now but it was basically involving
    sorting and then finding maximum increasing subsequence. I coded it on paper.
  3. Given you a chance, what one problem you would like to solve in the country at present time?
  4. What is your weakness and what measures are you taking to overcome it?
  5. Have you ever lead (I said yes) then he asked how did you perform, what hurdles came in your way and
    how did you tackle them?
  6. Are you having any offer from other company (I said yes) so he asked, would you leave your present
    company & why?
  7. What do you know about Morgan Stanley?
    Then he asked me if I have any question.

Round 6: (HR round) – Time – 45 minutes

  1.  Why Morgan Stanley? Is it ‘caz of money or you have interest in finance?
  2. What is your dream?
  3. Describe the biggest problem you have ever faced in your life and how you tackled that?
  4. How do you see yourself in five year from now? How long are you going to work in the technical field or
    you have any plan of switching to something else like management in future?
  5. How do you rate yourself in the communication skill?
  6. What do you think are the requirements for the job and to be successful in it?
  7. A brief discussion about my one project.

In the end he asked me if I have any question and I asked to which he replied quite gently.
Conclusion: Company looks more at how you talk than what you know. Their whole mantra is, “we can teach you
about technology but we can’t teach you to be confident, talk to people, not be a mean, etc.” So keep that in mind. It’s okay if you don’t know the answer to a question but don’t just say “I don’t know”. They loves stories so let your inner J.K. Rowling out! All in all, be confident, smile a lot, don’t be nervous, and stay calm! That will take you very far in the job process! Good luck everyone! I considered the interview as “difficult”. My reason was not that the questions were difficult, but rather that you have 4+ interviews so it becomes difficult to keep the energy going, not to repeat yourself too much, come across personable, etc. Hope that helps!

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