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Morgan Stanley Interview | Set 25 (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 23 Oct, 2016

I applied in Morgan Stanley through codeathon which is a coding contest conducted on hackerrank.

Round 1(coding round)
There were 6 algorithmic questions. Around 20 students were selected for further rounds of interview. I was one of them.

Round 2(telephonic interview)
Interviewer was quite friendly. He asked about my internship projects and questions based on oops concepts. Small snippets of code in Java, C and C++ were written by him on the shared screen and I was asked to tell the output and the logic. Then he asked me to write a simple code of printing the nodes at a given level in a binary search tree. He also asked the logic, network model used and design to implement the “code pair” feature of hackerrank(the shared screen which we were using).After this, I got a call for the face to face round.

Round 3(F2F technical interview)
The interview started with a detailed discussion on one of my projects for like about half an hour. He asked my preference of language to which I answered C++. He asked some questions on C++ concepts. He then asked me to write the logic of inserting a name in a sorted manner in a very large file containing the names of students in sorted order using file commands. Detailed discussion on multithreading and its implementation. Questions on machine learning were also asked like implementation of svm, what is linear regression etc. because I mentioned this subject in my interests. Some simple sql queries were also asked.

Round 4(HR round)
The interviewer was very friendly. He started the discussion asking if I have any offers from the college and the reason of not having. He also asked why I was not able to perform when Morgan Stanley visited the campus. Basic HR questions asking why Morgan Stanley, why should we hire you, any challenging thing you did in your life etc. The interview was ended with a basic design problem of designing the elevator system with the classes, their attributes, methods and relationship among them defined in the class diagram.

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