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Morgan Stanley Interview | Set 19 (On-Campus)

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MORAGAN STANLEY visited our campus.
Selection procedure:

Round 1: online test
50 objectives (aptiutde,ds,os,etc…)
2 coding question
     1. Simple count the numbers in the given range which comprises of digits
     Only in set 1, 2,3,4,5
     2. Standard DP problem: Coin change

After first round 24 shortlisted:

Round 2: Tech Interview
     Project related questions, one question of validating an IP address,
     Top five occurring words in a file, gave a situation of hospital related dbms problem and
     said to make an ER diagram of it. One simple question of BST.

After second round 7 were selected.

Round 3: Group activity
     As MORGAN STANLEY’s legacy, gave LEGO BLOCKS and
     said to come up with an idea and you want to impress your investors
     with your idea so they will invest in your project idea.

     Advice : Don’t suppress anyone try to give new idea and actively participate.

Round 4: HR
     Asked about my strength,weakness,values and gave situations
      so that i will contradict with my values.
     Advice 🙂 Be yourself and ready with examples of ur strength ,values,weakness !!!
     Gave situations of selecting between two choices and why that choice and why not other.
     why MORGAN STANLEY..etc

Round 5:
     Asked to design gave some conditions and requirements
     But the interviewer was very helpfull and gave hints where i got stuck.

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Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2019
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