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Morgan Stanley Interview | (For 2 years experienced)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2020

It was a recruitment drive for Morgan Stanley for Experienced Java developers for their Mumbai office.

Round 1: Pen/Paper

Round 1 consisted of 10 questions, 8 questions of Core Java(Including 2 coding questions and Check if left half of String has same characters as the right half) and 2 for SQL queries.

For the two coding questions, one was to sort numbers(Using stable sort with no extra space) other was a question based on String(Constraint that the time complexity should be O(n)). I was able to solve all the questions except the SQL queries.

Round 2: Interview F2F Round 1

The interviewer asked questions that touched almost all aspect of Java.

The interviewer covered the following topics:

  1. OOP’s concepts
  2. Collections, use of HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap difference between them.
  3. Multi threading, Green threads, whether java uses Green threads.
  4. JVM, classloader different types and their hierarchy and class loading mechanism, heap space and stack.
  5. String, Immutable classes

I was able to answer all the questions and the interviewer seemed satisfied. This round lasted for about an hour.

Round 3: Interview F2F Round 2

This round covered design patterns and their application as well as puzzles were asked in the end.

  1. Design a parking lot system, which can accommodate vehicles of three different types, cards, trucks and bikes. The system should be able to allocate the nearest available parking slot the the vehicles and when the vehicles checks out they should be charged amount based on their type and the time they occupied the parking lot.
  2. Given two ropes of uneven density which burn entirely in sixty minutes how can you measure forty-five minutes.
  3. Given a backend and a front-end the front-end gives bunch of data to the backend(Backend A), the backend then sends that data to another backend(Backend B). What mechanism can be used to communicate Backend A with Backend B.(The interviewer wanted to know if I am familiar with REST APIs, SOAP APIs, and JMS for communication between backends and what to use in which scenario)

I was stuck on the rope puzzle but was able to come up with a solution with which the interviewer seemed satisfied.

Round 4: Interview F2F Round 3

This round was conducted by the team lead of the team for which I was being recruited. He asked really interesting questions.

  1. Given a tree hierarchy consisting of Devs and their Managers in a Map, provide an output in form of another map where the Key is the name of the employee(Dev or Manager) and Value is the number of people working under them.(Used recursion to come up with an answer)
  2. He told me to optimize the String question that was asked in the pen/paper round. The constraint now being that space complexity should be constant.(I provided a solution to change the original string and he was satisfied).

Round 5: Managerial Round

This round was conducted by the Director of the division I was being hired for, the questions were mostly on why you want to leave your current organization, reason for not being able to answer SQL questions in pen and paper round and any problem that I solved in my previous organization using design patterns.

Round 6: HR Round

The round started with the reason for leaving the current organization, then followed by behavioral questions and then salary negotiation in the end.

Overall it was an amazing experience.

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