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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience

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Here is my experience of getting interviewed at Morgan Stanley. ( Manager, Bengaluru | Sept 2020 Offer)

This year during the pandemic, I appeared for Goldman Sachs(Rejected 5th round), Amazon(Ist round), Morgan Stanley(Ist round), De-Shaw(Cleared 3 rounds). I didn’t clear all rounds in any of these companies.

Demotivated after many rejections. Suddenly reach out by Google recruiter on Linkedin. It gives me goosebumps.

Started preparing again.

Appeared for Morgan Stanley again after 6 months. Cleared 7 rounds ๐Ÿ™‚

The following questions were asked during the interviews. The question may not be exactly the same because of NDA:

1st Round(30-40 mints): Phone Screening about the overall experience and basic DS, Algo, and Java questions.

2nd Round(1 hr): Virtual Technical Zoom Call

Two String are anagram or not in O(N) Time complexity

Sort alphanumeric data based on occurrences, if occurrences are the same then based on ASCII value.

Solved in O(NlogN) based on the custom comparator.

3rd Round(1 hr): Virtual Technical Zoom Call

Find union of two integer array in O(N) time complexity and O(1) space complexity

Solved using the merged procedure of Merge Sort. Follow up question on time complexity.

Core Java questions

4th Round(1 hr): Virtual Technical Zoom Call

Find boundary traversal of the Binary tree.

Java 8 questions, Synchronization

5th Round(2 hrs): Vice President Round(Technical)

Design HLD and LLD of implementing Chatbot

I’ve worked on some POC on Amazon Alexa. So design my solution with the same concepts of utterances and intents. Some follow up questions on scalability and reducing server calls

How will you design an intranet website which give different user experience based on different geographic location

and based on different personas in MS.

Once the user login in MS, based on the dropdown, populate the data. When users open the same website again, the dropdown option should be remembered and the user should not be allowed to make a redundant selection.

Solved using browser cookies and local cache storage

6th Round(1:30 hrs): Executive Director Round(Technical + Managerial)

Scenarios based on the technical discussion.

2-3 puzzles

Behavioral questions

7th Round(30-40 mints): HR

Salary discussion ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some pointers I want to pass on to SW job aspirants:

Try to focus on squeezing the Leetcode problem instead of solving more. Try to analyze the pattern while solving a problem like DP, 2 pointers, divide and conquer, etc.

Initially, I went for easy problems to build confidence.

Then attacked a mixture of medium and hard problems.

Try to solve medium/hard in at least 30 minutes.

Covered all topics in algos/DS and leetcode’s problem-tagging to my advantage.

After solving a problem, I tried my best to beat 100% of the solutions, both for time and space. This activity taught me about trade-offs.

I went through top solutions by others after doing my best. This is the most important activity. It taught me a lot of things

Final Thoughts:

Attempt multiple interviews. Learn from the mistake, work on the mistake, and avoid making those mistakes in next interview.

Become a better version interview by interview. You’ll be master after some time.

The schedule is crucial. Make small goals. Attempt challenges and try to solve company tagged problems.

Appreciate yourself on solving problems

All the best!!

Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020
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