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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | Set 34

Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2019
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Morgan Stanley

First Round : Telephonic round

I was interviewing for Java developer post at Mumbai office of Morgan Stanley.
Interview mostly consisted of multi-threading questions and one data-structure and algorithm question.

Q.1> You are given are two threads (T1 and T2) for generation and two threads (T3 and T4) for validation. How do you make sure that T3 & T4 runs only after (T1 & T2).

Q.2> How do you make a class immutable? He then asked me what if the class have reference to some APIs which has setter methods. I couldn’t answer that.

Q.3> What is the difference between countdown *something* and *something*. Couldn’t hear properly.

Q.4> What is a volatile keyword?
Q.5> Difference between LinkedHashMap and HashMap
Q.6> DIfference between ConcurrentHashMap and SynchronizedHashMap.
Q.7> Given a linkedlist, how to do you find nth element from the last, if size of the LinkedList is unknown?

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